We’re grateful for the generous and loyal support of the following BRIDGES donors, who help Memphis youth pursue a brighter future that benefits us all.




The Hearst Foundation, Inc.

Hyde Family Foundations


United Way of the Mid-South



AutoZone, Inc.

Orgill, Inc.

Southeastern Asset Management, Inc.

Joanie and R. Andrew Taylor

The Kroger Company Foundation



Christian Brothers University

Crews Family Foundation

Douglas Ferris, Jr.

Arthur Fulmer, Jr.

Georgia-Pacific Memphis Cellulose

Kimberly and Bryan Jordan

Leslie and Nat Landau

Sylvia G. Marks

Nollie & Amanda Henington Trust for Emotionally Hurt Children

Eunice and Edward Ordman

Susan and Chuck Smith, Jr.

Jackie and Bob Solmson

Tennessee Valley Authority

Turley Foundation, Inc.

Jenne and Thomas L. Williams



Bette and Michael Arndt

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Community Trust

Martha and Jim Boyd

Susan and Larry Bryan

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis

Mary and John Dicken

Diversified Trust Company, Inc.

FedEx Services

First Tenenssee Bank

Ginger and Tony Graves

Robin and Dan Hatzenbuehler

Faith and Leonard Kaye

Susanne and Bruce Landau

Landmark Bank

Melissa and Kevin McEniry

Robin and Billy Orgel

Leslie and Peter Schutt

Sedgwick CMS

The Foundation For I Am

Margaret and Joseph Steffner

SunTrust Bank

The Brinkley Foundation

The Church of the Holy Communion

Becky and Spence Wilson, Sr.

Tate and Webb Wilson



Nancy and Chuck Averwater

Lucia and Hal Crenshaw

Dunavant Enterprises

Kathy and J.W. Gibson, Jr.

International Paper

Kim Lasko

Orion Federal Credit Union

Mrs. David N. Thompson

United Way of Tampa Bay


Dream Builder

Kathy and Ben C. Adams, Jr.

All About That Peace

Realis Sanders Allstate Agency

Johnnie and Rex Amonette

Archer Malmo Advertising, Inc.

Brandon Arrindell

Pamela and Esmond Arrindell

Jonathan Avis

June and Rodney Baber

Phyllis and Paul H. Berz

Budweiser of Memphis

BuzzFREE Mosquito Control of Memphis

Calvary Episcopal Church

Bena and George Cates

CB Richard Ellis

Stephanie and Reynolds Cheney II

Emmanuel Methodist

Karen and Craig E. Fienup

Sondra and William Fondren, Jr.

Michelle and Arthur Fulmer, III

Cynthia Ham and Jeff Sanford

John Hash Jr.

Jane and Shawn T. Hogan

Buzzy Hussey and Hal Brunt

Tracy Jarrells

Shaila and Mohandas Karkera

Lisa Kranc

Kroger Corporation

Dianne and Myron M. Mall

Anne and Andy McCarroll

Melanie and Stilly McFadden

Betsy and Richard McStay

Metropolitan Memphis Hotel and Lodging Association

Ann Morgan and Michael Nastle

Brenda and Herman D. Morris

Price Peacock

Stephen L. Phillips

Elaine and Maury Radin

Will Raines

Susan Rainey

Susan and Robert Rogalski

Jane and Bruce R. Smedley

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

The Canale Foundation

The Deupree Family Foundation

The Doyle Family Foundation

The Highlander Center

The Rose Foundation

Quinn Thompson and Ronald Slaughter

Andie and Michael Uiberall

Vistage International

Bonnie and Kurt A. Voldeng

Dana Wilson

Noell and Gary M. Wilson



Yendry and Brent Alvord

Eleanor K. Baer

Holly and Jeb Bailey

Carol and Bert Barnett

Darrell Davis

DelBrocco & Associates

Staci C. Franklin

Kathy and Kelly Fish

Inventory Locator Service, Inc.

Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc.

Jane and Robert K. Jones

Constance and Samuel King

Brig Klyce

Lucy and Thomas C. Lee, Jr.

Malco Theatres, Inc.


Monogram Food Solutions, LLC

Julia McWhirter

Jackie Nesbit

Sharon and Lee Schwartberg

Susan and Robert Wilson

Melissa Whitby

Dynishia and Kevin D. Woods



Donna and Robert Abney

Carmen and Ronald Anderson


Carmella Bermudez

Lisa and Guy Bloom

Candice Bond

Marietta and Robert C. Burleigh, Jr.

Mahal Burr

Geoff Calkins

Peggy Carroll

Daniel F. Case

Margaret and William S. Craddock, Jr.

Beverly and Henry P. Doggrell

Judith and Eugene Douglass, Jr.

Emily Woodside and William Falvey

Judy and Peter Felsenthal

Elizabeth and Richard H. Ferguson

Margaret and Samuel Graham

Mary and Robert A. Green

Ashley and Dan Harper

Mary and John Hiatt

Lisa and Louis Jehl

Richard Kimball

Wight F. Laminack

Margot McNeeley and Gary Backaus

Alex Middleton

Carole and Robert Pinstein

Alice Rawlins

Linda Rhea

Megan Richardson

River Rat Rounders

Dr. and Mrs. Gwin Robbins

Gail and Karl Schledwitz

The Carriage Company

The Sonrise Group

Don R. Webb

Freddie Welch

Eldra and Richard V. White, Jr.

Mona and Bruce Wilson

Terry and Phil Woodard



Pat Anderson

Sandra Arnold

Eric Arrington

Catarsha and Rodney Atkins

Betty Atkinson

JoRene and Steve Bargiacchi

Annie Barnes

Lisa and Dan Barzel

Tanesha Bates

Janice and Roy Bell

Sharon Berman

Janet Biesecker

Treasia Bland

Kathy and John Blose

Debbie and Danny G. Bounds

Clair and William Bradley

Linda and James Brigance

Phyllis and Charles Brown

Annettee Brownlee

Kate and Stephen Bush

Caron Byrd

Barbara and Patrick Caesar

Mollie and John Campbell

Steve Cantu

Catholic Charities of West Tennessee

Lori and M. Cornell Christion

Suzanna and W.J. Michael Cody

Viola Cole

Chaka and Kristian Conway

Sean Crocker

Miriam Crosby

Sarah and Michael F. D’Addabbo, Sr.

Schuyler Dalton

Mimi Dann

Jesse Davidson

Kevin Dean

Elizabeth and Robert Dinkelspiel

Twyla and Richard Dixon

Shannon and Brian Dixon

Tonia Dodson

Jed Dreifus

Stephanie Ellis

Mary Lou and Robert L. Entzminger

Linda F. Evans

Yolanda and Charles Everett

Lashaunton Faine

Babs and Jef L. Feibelman

Ryan Flickinger

Wilanda Francisco

Bram Frankel

Fayne L. Frankel

Kim and John Gaskill

Grace Givens

Michelle Glass

Lokita Glover

Alida Gover

Teri and Larry Graber

Mary and Warren Groff

Adam Guerrero

Emily Haizlip

Michael Harrell

Emma and O.B. Harris, Sr.

Linda and Steven Harris

Katie Hawkins

Jessica and Ferd Heckle III

Teresa and Charles Spencer

Mario Hendrix

Valeria and Neville Hess

Valeria Hess

Regina Holmes

Ella and Odell Horton

Andrea Huff

Marybeth and Arthur Huggins

Tracy Ingram

Eulanda and Cedrick Jackson

Charlene O’Baner

Jan and O.M. Jaeger

Natalie and James B. Jalenak

Lucretia Jeans

Jessica Johnson

Mrs. Lou P. Jones

Charles Kerwin

Leanne and Andrius Kleinmann

Melinda and Michael Knych

Lynn and Gregg Landau

Bridget Lee

Kim Lee

Kimberly Lehew

Judith and James Lindy

Mary and Christopher Livesay

Jeanine and Francis Mah

Frederick Mall

Herman and Sally Markell

Hester and Andy Mathes

Carol and William A. Mathis

Carol C. McDuffie

Lattimore Michael

Marcy R. Miles

Sandra Mintz

Sean Montesi

Mary Nease

Greg Neri

Marcelle and Saeed Nia

Suzanne and J.R. Orr

Jake Owens

Tanya and Robert Palmer

Linda Tharp and Walter R. Pate

Carla and John H. Peacher-Ryan

Kathleen Peacher-Ryan

Dana Sue Percer

Laqueta Perry

Jennifer Peters

Frances and John R. Petry

Doris Porter

Frank Powell

Meredith Pritchartt

Preston Ramsey

Gwen Reese

Mrs. Jerry R. Renfrow

Randall Rhea

Katherine Risbrough

Debbie and Mike Robb

Robert and Avalon Robinson

Susan and Robert W. Rogalski

Annabel M. Ruby

Jason Ryu

Jeannine Sadler

Robin Salant

Edward Samuels

Gerald Schreck

Peggy Seessel

Naja Shabazz

Elaine Shelton

Alexandra and Casey Shockey

Judy and Jerry A. Shore

Elizabeth Simpson

Amani Singh-Barnett

Elizabeth Streete and Paul Skjoldager

Linda and Ronald L. Sklar

Emily and Drew Smith

John Snook

Taryn and Jim Spake

Emmanuel Spence

Betty and Mitchel L. Spence

Z. Leilani Spence

Virginia Stallworth and Susan Mackenzie

Cirita Starks

Tabatha Stephens

Catherine and Johnny Stewart

Anne and David Suitor

Brian Tabor

Indu Tejwani

Edwina Thomas

Jouy Thomas

Michelle Thomas

Kevin Thompson

Jacquelyn and Way Thompson, Jr.

Kristin and Lucas Trautman

Nichole and Johnnie Tubbs

Kathy and W. Paul Tuberville

Mary and Keith W. Wakeman

Jackquelynne Walden

Josie and Ron Walker

Velma and Tony Wall

Robin and Jeffrey Wallace

Jacqueline Waller

Cheryl and Scott K. Ward

Roblin Webb

Shelber Wells

Karen and Mark Whitby

Jamal Whitlow

Cynthia Whitmore

Lauren and Russel L. Wiener

Carolyn Williams

Laurel and Russell Williams

Patricia Williams

Thomas Williams

Toni Williams

Ann D. Wilson

Melanie and Charles J. Woodall

Anna Kathryn Word

Kanya Wright

Lois M. Young


Gifts In-Kind

Central BBQ

Eagle Distributing

FedEx Services

Gardens Oy Vey

International Paper

Kroger Company

Memphis Light, Gas and Water

Monogram Foods Solutions, LLC.

Nike, Inc.

Palazola Produce Company

Sam’s Club

The Memphis Flyer

The Turley Foundation, Inc.

Toof Commercial Printing