Bridge Builders CHANGE Intern Positions

The application for Bridge Builders CHANGE can be found below.

Bridge Builders CHANGE is a small task force of 24 to 30 hard-working and dedicated youth leaders who make change in the Greater Memphis community. CHANGE youth are interns who work with BRIDGES staff, community leaders, and other youth to gather information, educate others, and organize for change that will benefit ALL youth.

To be in Bridge Builders CHANGE students MUST:

  • Be 14 years-old by November 1, 2016 (Child Labor Laws requirement)
  • Have completed one full year of Bridge Builders COLLABORATE and plan to attend a Bridge Builders Summer Conference in summer 2016
  • Attend a residential Bridge Builders Leadership Institute July 2016
  • Commit to an internship at BRIDGES which requires a minimum of  six hours per week (three hours on a week day and three hours every Saturday from August 2016-May 2017)
  • Be willing to prioritize your internship

If you have any questions, please contact the Bridge Builders CHANGE coordinator, Mahal Burr, at or 901-260-3788.

To apply for Bridge Builders CHANGE, complete and submit the form below.

Applicant Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)
Grade starting in Fall 2016:
School attending in Fall 2016:

Please indicate which projects/issues you are interesting in working on. Click any that interests you. You are not guaranteed your choice if selected for the program.
 Youth, Violence, Police Relations, and Juvenile Justice Education Reform Sexual Harassment Youth Voice and Power in Community Decisions Gender and Sexuality Equality Other Issue
If you selected other, please explain

Essay Section: Please respond to the following essay prompts considering the issue (from the list above) that you are MOST interested in. Each answer should contain five to ten sentences.

Discuss why you are interested in becoming a part of Bridge Builders CHANGE.

As a member of Bridge Builders CHANGE, you will have one year to create a change on an issue. Discuss your personal strengths and how you will use your strengths as a part of Bridge Builders CHANGE.

Why are you passionate about creating change on this issue? Discuss the root cause of the issue in your community.

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