The Bridge Builders Leadership Board is a committed group of dedicated, hard-working and creative youth leaders who make change in the Greater Memphis community. Members of the Bridge Builders Leadership Board work with BRIDGES staff, community leaders, and other youth to gather information, educate others, build commitment, promote BRIDGES and serve as a youth voice.

The Bridge Builders Leadership Board is the student body government of Bridge Builders. All 7th-12th grade COLLABORATE students have the opportunity to apply for one of the 20 seats on the board. Members work as both student ambassadors and event planners. Every year, the students on the Leadership Board:

  • Public Speaking: Serve as a student ambassador at BRIDGES, your school, and community events
  • Student Recruiter: Create and implement recruitment strategies for your school
  • Social Media Guru: Develop marketing and social media tactics that help us reach more students
  • Curriculum Development: Plan and facilitate conversations on “Hot Topics”
  • Event Planning: Plan and execute large-scale events
  • Meet for at least six hours every month

Who is the ideal candidate for the Leadership Board?

A 7th-12th grader who loves Bridge Builders and wants to influence our programming and help recruit more students for the program. The Leadership Board is a major responsibility! The ideal student will have the time and transportation to be an active participant of the board and will communicate with their peers and staff leader reliably and frequently.

Application Process

Please complete the full application with your essays and 2 letters of recommendation attached to the application before 5:00pm Sunday, July 30th, 2017.  No late/ incomplete applications will be accepted.


Please complete the below application.  Once you start you must finish.  It can not be saved to complete at a later date or time.

Grade starting in Fall 2017:
School attending in Fall 2017:

Please click the box of your Summer Conference 2017 color group:  Red/Ruby Blue/Sapphire Green/Emerald Purple/Amethyst Gold/Amber Orange/Citrine

Current Extra-Curricular Activities (including the hours of commitment each week):

Essay Section 1: Please respond to the following essay prompts. Attach each essay separately.

Essay 1: Throughout the year, Leadership Board members develop at least 1 large-scale event each semester. Imagine you have been selected for the Board and have been given all necessary resources to plan your own Bridge Builders event! Please create an event plan that includes: (1) a detailed description of the event, (2) three personal strengths you would use in the planning and execution of the event, and (3) roles that other Board members would fill.

Essay 2: The new responsibilities of the Leadership Board include facilitating electives focused on current events and “hot button” issues. If you were given the chance to design one of these conversations what issue would you choose? Why is it important for Bridge Builders to discuss this topic? How would you make sure the conversation is inclusive of everyone and their diverse opinions and perspectives?

Recommendation: Please attach (2) letters of recommendation to this application below. The recommendations should cover the following areas:
• How long and in what capacity the recommender has known the student
• Discuss the student’s ability to show leadership abilities under challenges faced
• Provide evidence that the student has the determination and time to commit

I understand that completing this application does not guarantee selection for the Bridge Builders Leadership Board, and that the information presented here is true and accurate. I have read and understand the requirements for maintaining membership on the Bridge Builders Leadership Board.

If selected for the Bridge Builders Leadership Board, I understand that I am required to attend a Bridge Builders Leadership Board Parents/Guardians meeting on Tuesday, August 1st, at 6:00pm and to attend the Leadership Board overnight orientation Thursday, August 3rd – Friday, August 4th.

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I understand that completing this form does not guarantee selection of my student for the Bridge Builders Leadership Board. I have read the information provided by my son/ daughter on this form and can verify that it is true, accurate and complete.

If my son/daughter is selected for the Bridge Builders Leadership Board, I understand that I am required to attend a Bridge Builders Leadership Board Parent/Guardian with my son/daughter on Tuesday, August 1st, at 6:00pm and that he/she must attend and overnight orientation Thursday, August 3rd-August 4th,.

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