The Bridge Builders Leadership Board is a committed group of dedicated, hard-working and creative youth leaders who make change in the Greater Memphis community. Members of the Bridge Builders Leadership Board work with BRIDGES staff, community leaders, and other youth to gather information, educate others, build commitment, promote BRIDGES and serve as a youth voice.

The Bridge Builders Leadership Board is the student body government of Bridge Builders. All 7th-12th grade COLLABORATE students have the opportunity to apply for one of the 20 seats on the board. Members work as both student ambassadors and event planners. Every year, the students on the Leadership Board:

    • Public Speaking: Serve as a student ambassador at BRIDGES, your school, and community events
    • Student Recruiter: Create and implement recruitment strategies for your school
    • Social Media Guru: Develop marketing and social media tactics that help us reach more students
    • Curriculum Development: Plan and facilitate conversations on “Hot Topics”
    • Event Planning: Plan and execute large-scale events
    • Meet for at least six hours every month

This is the 2017 – 18 Bridge Builders Leadership Board Members:

Carrington Body                    11th       White Station High School
Taelen Boyd                        12th       Hollis F. Price High School
Analyse Capodiferro             12th       Houston High School
Zahra Chowdhury                 8th       Pleasant View School
Taylor Gladney                     12th       Bolton High School
Amaya Gray                         12th       White Station High School
Carolyn Lane                       12th       St. George’s Independent School
Bennett Matson                     12th       St. George’s Independent School
Garrett McFadden                 11th       Christian Brothers High School
Alexa Pangonas                     11th       St. Benedict at Auburndale
Charles Patterson                 11th       Christian Brothers High School
Daniel Peoples                      8th       Grizzlies Prep
Jada Powell                        11th       Ridgeway High
Rebecca Price                      12th       Lausanne Collegiate School
Priscilla Ramirez                  12th       Horn Lake High School
Navy Smith                         11th       White Station High School
Destiny Sobotka                    12th       Center Hill High School
Emille Taylor                      11th       White Station High School
Bridget Weldon                     11th       St. Agnes Academy
Nicholas Winkler                   11th       Bartlett High School