Coronavirus Prevention and Protocols at BRIDGES

Posted by Lindsey Butler on Mar 06, 2020

Providing a safe and healthy environment for our students and staff is always our top priority, so BRIDGES is taking some proactive measures to prepare in the event of coronavirus impacting Shelby County. We are monitoring all information coming from the CDCTennessee Health Department and Shelby County Health Department on an ongoing basis and adjusting our protocols as recommended by health experts.
BRIDGES is implementing more stringent cleanliness for our activities and spaces, including:
  • requiring all employees to wash their hands before and after group facilitations and workshops
  • deep cleaning and disinfecting surfaces within our facility multiple times daily
  • continuing to provide hand sanitizer to all employees, students, volunteers and visitors
  • requiring anyone with early symptoms of illness to stay home until cleared with medical professionals
Please let us know know if you have any questions or concerns, and we will update our response in accordance with health information and communicate changes as they occur.

Novel-Coronavirus Guidance