“When I hear my students say, ‘I don’t really know if I can do these things or really make a change in my community. I’m just a kid,’ I say, ‘I used to think the same thing, but the people around me supported, encouraged, and empowered me, and I’m going to do that for you. So yes, you can.’

Serving as an AmeriCorps member has also taught me that challenges are okay. People always ask, ‘Why do you serve?’ And I say, ‘You know, it’s so easy for us as people to live in our bubble, not worried or aware of the issues around us, but who ever said what’s easy is what’s right?’ Memphis is our community, including everyone and everything, and it’s going to take everyone and everything to tackle the issues that are present.” —Kache Brooks, BRIDGES AmeriCorps service member, 2016-2017

BRIDGES is proud and honored to be a longtime partner of AmeriCorps, providing opportunities for individuals to serve with the Bridge Builders program for a summer or a full year. BRIDGES AmeriCorps members are service-minded individuals who possess a strong desire to develop and empower youth leaders in the Greater Memphis area.

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