BRIDGES Holds Session On Interacting With Police

Posted by michael on Jul 23, 2015

(Memphis –– Safely interacting with police was the topic of conversation for nearly 100 teens today. During this “Bridges USA” session, local teens had a direct conversation with police about how they should act during a traffic stop and what to do, if an encounter goes bad. 

It was a lesson in breaking down stereotypes and misinformation between young people and police. The teens stayed at the University of Memphis campus and had sessions with Memphis Police officers.

Teens learned that they should not confront the police during the time of the incident, instead they should file a formal complaint with the Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

Malik Brooks, a Mid-South teen, said he had a very negative impression of police, that changed after some frank conversations during Bridge Builders sessions.

“Mine has changed in every way from that, every cop is nothing like that I can’t just go around and be like you a bad cop you’re power brutality basically not every cop is like that some cops are calm and collected,” said Brooks

Memphis Police Lt. Tyrone Currie with Memphis Police says the kids aren’t the only ones learning but police officers learned a lot about how teens view them.

“We didn’t realize so many are fearful of the police just because of perceptions and stereotypes in the negative sense but buy us dialoguing and letting down our shields we are able to come to some understanding,” said Lt. Currie.