Kroger Supports BRIDGES With $50,000 Donation

Posted by michael on Oct 08, 2014

Earlier today, the Kroger Delta Division announced a three-year partnership with BRIDGES which includes a $50,000 donation to help promote youth leadership.

Kroger selected BRIDGES because of the similarities in both organizations’ core standards which include leadership, diversity appreciation and civic engagement. The partnership will allow synergy between the two organizations to help provide a platform for Memphis area youth.

“We are very appreciative of Kroger’s generosity,” said Cynthia Ham, president and CEO, BRIDGES. “This is a great opportunity to work with Kroger to help our youth reach across socio-economic divides and build relationships to create a stronger more harmonious Memphis.”

 “This is not just a donation,” said Tim Brown, president, Kroger Delta Division. “We are building a relationship with a well-known nonprofit to help cultivate the future leaders of Memphis.”