Youth have answers. We just need to listen.

BRIDGES unites and inspires diverse young people to become confident and courageous leaders committed to community transformation. To that end, we view our role as one of supporting, amplifying and uplifting the voices of youth in decision-making, civic engagement and community action. We provide resources, tools and training to young people passionate about addressing the most pressing issues facing youth throughout the Greater Memphis region.

We know and trust young people have insight into creative problem-solving that is distinct from that of adults, yet complementary. So, all participating youth leaders choose their own issues and set their own agendas; and BRIDGES supports them through the planning and implementation of their projects and campaigns.

These determined, inspiring students create positive change not only for their own peers, but for the entire community of all ages.

Want to speak with a BRIDGES staff member or youth leader? Contact, or fill out our Media Inquiry Form:


Guidelines for Interviewing Youth

Point of Contact: Melissa Whitby, VP of Development & Communications

  • Most BRIDGES participants are minors, so please do not approach them directly through email, social media or other forms of personal communication.
    • All minors must first obtain permission from their parent or guardian to participate in any media interviews or requests for comment.
  • Please submit all interview questions and/or the scope of your interview in advance so students have adequate time to prepare.
    • Students are rarely, if ever, available to give interviews on the same day you contact us. We will submit your request and questions to our youth leaders and get back in touch as soon as possible.


Meet Our Youth Boards, Councils & Organizers

BRIDGES Youth Advisory Board

A small group of Bridge Builders which functions much like our Board of Directors, providing insight, sharing decision-making and increasing youth voice within our organization as a whole

Bridge Builders CHANGE Organizer Fellows

Bridge Builders engaged in a year-long fellowship in which they research, design and implement their own community-wide campaigns to advance social justice

Bridge Builders COLLABORATE Leadership Council

Bridge Builders who contribute to COLLABORATE program design and development, recruitment, event planning and activity facilitation

Shelby County Youth Council

A diverse group of high school students selected from every district across Shelby County who work in partnership with the Shelby County Mayor’s Office and Board of Commissioners to ensure youth voice is represented in making decisions that affect young people in our community