Shelby County Youth Council and Shelby County Commissioners work together to hold virtual town hall for youth

Posted by Melissa Whitby on Nov 09, 2020


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Memphis, TN​—The Shelby County Youth Council (SCYC), a youth-led and youth-focused advisory council which​ a​ ims to uplift youth voice in local government, will hold a Virtual Youth Town Hall on November 14, 2020 via Zoom.

During the event,​ Shelby County youth will speak directly with Shelby County Commissioners with the goal of engaging diverse perspectives around the issues most relevant to youth today. By creating an equitable and safe space for youth to voice their concerns, the SCYC seeks to use the insights unique to young people in constructing a community plan of action with elected officials.

The Virtual Youth Town Hall will also feature civic workshops and panel discussions. Shelby County Commissioners Tami Sawyer, Van Turner, Edmund Ford, Willie Brooks, Mick Wright, Michael Whaley, David Bradford, and Chairman Eddie S. Jones, Jr. will be in attendance.

Makhia S., SCYC District 8 Representative, believes this event will help many greater Memphis youth gain knowledge about the lawmaking process and confidence to take part in it. “The Virtual Youth Town Hall is coming at a time when so many youth feel silenced or shut out of things pertaining to us and our futures, she said. “As a youth, I tend to feel belittled in some instances when dealing with adults and more seasoned individuals. That’s why the youth town hall is so important, it gives myself and my peers a safe space to speak up.”

The SCYC was created through a landmark partnership between BRIDGES, Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris, and the Shelby County Commission. The council comprises 28 high school-aged youth from each county district, with members being diverse and proportionate in race, gender, and socioeconomic level.

The Virtual Youth Town Hall is sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. Students who want to attend can register by visiting​. Learn more about the SCYC by going to ​​, and follow the SCYC on ​Facebook​, ​Instagram,​ and ​Twitter​.


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