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 Conflict Resolution Personal Accountability Group Accountability Leadership Development (skill building) Self-esteem Issues Collaboration Personal Development (identifying strengths/weaknesses) Relational Skills (relating to one another) Stepping Outside Comfort Zones Professional Development (sharpening skills used in the workplace) Getting Along With One Another Diversity Appreciation Problem Solving Effective Communication Overcoming Fears/Challenges Basic "Getting To Know You" Activities Relationship Building We want more recreation/fun

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 Icebreakers/Energizers Initiative/Teambuilding Activities Portable Low Ropes Activities (activities that require spotting) High Ropes Course Climbing Wall

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The following questions allow our staff to customize your event. Please be as specific as you can.

Has this group done teambuilding/retreat type activities in the past outside of the BRIDGES Center?

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Team BRIDGES can often make adaptations to activities to include all participants. Are there any circumstances that may hinder or prevent individuals from fully participating (ie physical, mental, emotional)?

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