Whether you’re an experienced climber or you’re looking to try something new, ClimBLOCK is your opportunity to enjoy the Jim Boyd BRIDGES Center’s indoor rock wall. During ClimBLOCK open climb sessions, we invite youth and adults alike to come together for healthy recreation.

ClimBLOCK is more than your traditional rock climbing gym session; it’s an opportunity for Memphians to experience the BRIDGES facility and participate in a growing, active community. Dates and times vary, so please check our calendar or visit our Facebook page.


Who can participate?
We provide a wide variety of harnesses sizes, so climbers of all ages are welcome. During ClimBLOCKS we have one staffer working, and they will instruct anyone age 15 and over on the proper use of the Auto-Belays, which allow climbers to climb by themselves. Our Auto-Belays are rated at 330lbs, and our top-rope belays are rated at 5,000lbs. An adult must accompany anyone 14 years of age or younger, and is responsible for supervision and proper use of the Auto-Belays for that child. All climbers must fill out a waiver, and climbers under the age of 18 must have the waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian. Waivers will be available when you arrive to a ClimBLOCK session, but we welcome you to download and complete them in advance as well.

What do I need to bring?
A harness is provided with the price of admission. The harness will fit snugly around the thighs and waist, so comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely is recommended. Closed-toed shoes are mandatory to climb. You can also rent climbing shoes for an additional fee. If you have your own harness, you are welcome to bring and use it at your own risk. For more information on personal gear, please see ClimBLOCK rules below.

What should I expect when I arrive?
We welcome you to park in our free lot at the corner Fifth St. and A.W. Willis (North Parkway). The rock wall is located in the south side building, adjacent to A.W. Willis. You’ll find a check-in table in the Wilson High Adventure Hall where you’ll submit your waiver and pay for your admission. You can purchase a one-time experience or buy multi-visit membership cards for a discounted price. If it is your first visit, you’ll be given a brief ClimBLOCK orientation by staff.

How much does it cost?
Single Day Pass: $10
5-Punch Membership: $35
10-Punch Membership: $65

Memberships can be used by individuals or shared by immediate family members.

Shoe Rental is $2 per visit, or can be purchased with a membership for half price.

*Belay Certification Workshop: $25
*Paid Belayer: $10/hour
*For groups larger than 6, please see “Group Climbs” below for rates.
*Please make reservations by contacting Brandon Bland at 901-260-3749.

What’s included in the price of admission?
The price of admission includes the use of a harness, which will be fitted by a Team BRIDGES staff. Admission also includes the use of our Auto-Belays. You’ll be responsible for the proper use of the Auto-Belays for yourself and anyone 14 years of age and under that you bring along. Auto-Belay instructions are provided during orientation. If you would like to top-rope belay, you must be approved by a Team BRIDGES staff. For more information, please scroll down for ClimBLOCK rules. If you’d like to take a belay certification workshop, or would like to have a belayer provided for you during your visit, please call Brandon Bland at 901-260-3749.

Do you take groups or host private parties?
Because ClimBLOCK sessions are open to the public, we require reservations for parties larger than 6 people. If you’d like to bring a larger group to an open climb night or schedule a private party, please contact Brandon Bland at 901-260-3749 or bbland@bridgesusa.org.

ClimBLOCK Rules

BRIDGES strives to be a friendly environment for entry level participants and up. In order to create an enjoyable climate and experience for all ClimBLOCK participants, we have some guidelines that we ask everyone to follow.

  • EVERYONE must check in. Regulars and new climbers alike need to stop by the desk to make sure that waivers and memberships are up to date.
  • TRIPLE CHECK EVERY TIME: Everyone will be given specific instructions by a BRIDGES staff member. Please use those guidelines on EVERY climb you do. See “Auto-Belay Use” below for detailed use of the TruBlue Auto-Belay.
  • Please share the wall. If you are on a route, please recognize a natural rotation on that lane to make sure that everyone gets an equal amount of time climbing. If no one is waiting in line, feel free to keep climbing!
  • Do not climb above or behind the rock wall.
  • No running or yelling.
  • No swinging on ropes.
  • Stay off the black mat unless you are walking up to climb.
  • No traversing unless given specific permission by a Team BRIDGES staff.
  • For difficulty ratings, we mark our routes as Beginner, Intermediate, or Hard. For those curious what the Yosemite Decimal rating is on a particular route, just ask a staff member—they’ll be happy to help you.
  • Please be considerate with climbing chalk. Loose chalk is not preferred, but if you bring chalk, make sure it stays in your bag and on your hands.
  • No lead climbing.

Personal Gear: You’re more than welcome to use your own climbing gear. However, BRIDGES staff cannot assist you with your gear or advise you if your gear is fit to be used. Use your gear at your own risk.

Belaying at BRIDGES: We have 8 top ropes that you can use as top rope belay. You must be certified by a Team BRIDGES staff. ONLY Team BRIDGES staff can give you the OK to belay at BRIDGES. Belay certification is only valid for the BRIDGES rock wall. You must be a competent belayer in order to ask for a belay certification. BRIDGES staff will not teach you how to belay during a belay certification. If you want to learn how to belay, please see “Workshops” below.

Workshops: Only designated Team BRIDGES staff members can give you instruction. If you receive instruction from anyone else, what you learn has not been approved by Team BRIDGES. We provide workshops that give instruction in a wide variety of climbing fundamentals. Please Contact Brandon Bland (901-260-3749) for workshop information.

Workshops Include: Top Rope Belay Certification, Climbing Knots, Climbing Equipment, Intro to Climbing, Climbing Movement, and Advanced Climbing.

Group Climbs: If you have more than 6 participants in your group or would like to schedule a private session, please contact Brandon Bland (901-260-3749). If you’d would like to rent a private room with tables and chairs set up for you, the cost is $50. If you’d prefer to use our top-rope climbing (instead of Auto-Belays), you can hire a belayer for $10 an hour.

There are two options for private climbing events:

  1. Your private climbing event can be associated with a scheduled ClimBLOCK open climb session. It includes 1.5 hours of private climbing time, tables and chairs set up in the High Adventure Hall, music playing from the loudspeaker, and one certified belayer for top rope climbing. You will still be in charge of running the Auto-Belays, as during a normal ClimBLOCKs. The cost of partnering with a ClimBLOCK is $350 for up to 15 participants; it is $10 additional per climber after 15. Please contact Brandon Bland for dates and availability.
  2. If you prefer a private climbing event that is not associated with a ClimBLOCK, the cost is $500 for a weeknight and $750 for a weekend for up to 15 participants; $10 additional per climber after 15. This is also for 1.5 hours and includes the same amenities as listed above.

Additional Details: You are welcome to bring your own food and drink to the event, but you are responsible for throwing all food and trash in the garbage or recycling bins provided for you. All participants must wear closed-toed shoes on the wall for sanitary and safety issues. Helium balloons are not permitted in the High Adventure Hall. All participants must have a completed waiver in order to climb, and anyone under 18 years of age must have the waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian. Waivers can be filled out in paper or online format. Please contact Brandon Bland for details.