Thank You To The Ritter Family Endowment

Posted by knetzler on Oct 09, 2018

We’re so grateful for the incredibly generous support of the Ernest and Anna Ritter Family Endowment, which has donated a substantial gift of $27,500 to help BRIDGES “continue to recruit youth from Millington-area schools into #BridgeBuilders programs, learning skills, decision-making, cultural diversity, self-reliance, and teamwork.”

This gift will make a huge impact on Bridge Builders youth, and we are so appreciative of the Ritter family and the entire team at E. Ritter and Co. and Ritter Communications for their longstanding belief in our youth leaders. Without support from friends like the Ritter family and team, Bridge Builders’ work throughout the Greater Memphis area would not be possible.

Pictured L-R are: Dana Wilson, BRIDGES VP of Bridge Builders; Clay Lavelle, Ritter Communications Director of Technical Operations and Ritter Family Endowment committee member; Cynthia Ham, BRIDGES President/CEO; Susan Christian, Ritter Communications VP of Marketing and Federal Advocacy; Melissa Whitby, BRIDGES VP of Development; Robin Hatzenbuehler, Ritter Family Endowment committee member; and Jeremy Andrews, BRIDGES Strategic Partnership Officer.