In addition to our three levels of Bridge Builders programming, BRIDGES exists as a resource to connect youth with a range of leadership opportunities across the greater Memphis area. While some require participation in Bridge Builders as a prerequisite, many are open to all local youth.

Learn more about our 2019-2020 youth leadership opportunities and apply today:

For all Shelby County youth

Shelby County Youth Council
The SCYC is designed to work in partnership with Shelby County’s mayor and commissioners to ensure that youth serve as key partners in making decisions that affect young people across our community.
Open to all Shelby County youth in grades 9-12.

For Bridge Builders only

BRIDGES Youth Advisory Board
The YAB will strengthen and uphold the vision and mission of BRIDGES and provide insight, share decision-making responsibilities, and increase youth voice within the organization as a whole.
Open to currently enrolled Bridge Builders in grades 8-12 who’ve already completed at least one full year of BB COLLABORATE.

“Be Proud! Be Responsible!” Youth Advisory Council
Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital’s leadership board works to raise youth awareness of teen health issues across the Greater Memphis area. Open to currently enrolled Bridge Builders in grades 9-12. APPLICATION CLOSED August 9, 2019.

Bridge Builders COLLABORATE Leadership Council
The BBCLC focuses directly on BRIDGES’ second level of youth programming to improve program design and development, recruitment, event planning, and facilitation. Open to currently enrolled Bridge Builders in grades 7-12. APPLICATION CLOSED August 4, 2019.