The Bridge Builders Leadership Council is a group of dedicated, hardworking and creative youth leaders who work directly within the COLLABORATE level of programming. Members of BBCLC play a vital role in internal program development, serving as student recruiters, student facilitators, and event planners throughout the year. They work as a team with BRIDGES staff to assist in efforts to strengthen and represent youth voice.

Meet our 2020-2021 Bridge Builders COLLABORATE Leadership Council:

Connor C.
Owen C.
Serena C.
Davis C.
India C.
Nick D.
Corinne E.
Aaron F.
Riley L.
Yasmeen M.
Anna O.
Julian S.
Andrea T.
Kirsten T.
Kyla T.
Sara W.


The BBCLC meets three times a month, on Sundays from 3-5 p.m., but this commitment also requires participation outside of scheduled meeting time! Students participate in:

  • Large-scale events at BRIDGES
  • Facilitation of spring/fall training
  • Team building
  • Thank-a-thons (thank you calls to our donors)
  • Parent orientations
  • Bridge Builders congratulatory phone calls
  • Planning an elective for COLLABORATE students

What makes a strong candidate?
Students who are interested in serving on the council must be a current 7th-12th grader in the Bridge Builders COLLABORATE program level, be hardworking, reliable, and have a passion for Bridge Builders! Students should have a desire to increase their leadership skills and work well on a team. The Council participates in various activities throughout the school year at BRIDGES, so students should be prepared to be flexible.