New in 2019, the BRIDGES Youth Advisory Board (YAB) provides perspective and input to BRIDGES’ adult staff in order to help shape the direction of the Bridge Builders program and the organization as a whole. The focus of the YAB is to strengthen and uphold the vision and mission of BRIDGES and to provide insight, share decision-making responsibilities, and increase youth voice internally.

YAB members are Bridge Builders who demonstrate a deep commitment to the mission and values of BRIDGES, are curious about how the organization operates, and are interested in developing skills in the area of nonprofit leadership and board service.


  • Have completed at least one full year of Bridge Builders COLLABORATE
  • Are in 8th-12th grade
  • Able to attend one monthly meeting from August to May, as well as be available for other periodic opportunities that arise throughout the year (such as interviewing potential staff hires and attending strategic planning sessions)

BRIDGES Youth Advisory Board

  • 500 word count limit
  • 500 word count limit
  • 500 word count limit