In early 2019, members of the Bridge Builders CHANGE cohort Memphis Youth Union developed and proposed a vision for a new youth voice platform in Shelby County—a representative body to include high school aged youth in decision-making processes, solve issues that youth have identified in the community, and strengthen youth engagement in the county government.

Thanks to the partnership Bridge Builders CHANGE Fellows have forged with Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris and the Shelby County Commission throughout the 2019 budget season, the new 2019-2020 Shelby County Youth Council (SCYC) will ensure that youth serve as key partners in making decisions that affect young people across our community.

Goals Of The SCYC

  • Gathering youth input and amplifying youth voice from all parts of Shelby County
  • Creating innovative solutions to persistent community challenges identified by both youth and adult county leadership
  • Increasing youth engagement across Shelby County

Benefits Of The SCYC

  • Providing leadership development opportunities for more young people
  • Creating a platform for youth to have the influence they deserve on public policy and community planning
  • Engaging the expertise of young people and establishing a process by which adults work to solve problems with youth, not for youth

The SCYC Will Comprise

  • Approximately 2 high school students from each Shelby County commission district
  • A group of youth diverse and proportionate in race, gender, age, socioeconomic level, and ZIP code.
  • Young Shelby County residents who are passionate about civic engagement, youth representation, and advancing their communities

The SCYC is open to ALL high school age Shelby County youth! Based at the new BRIDGES Youth Action Center in Uptown Memphis, the council will require a once-a-week time commitment.

Ready to become a founding member of the Shelby County Youth Council? Apply now!

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*We recognize that everyone has diverse backgrounds and identities, and we are committed to respecting and creating a brave, safe, and educated space that is conducive to productive work.

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Essay Question 1:
Why is it important to you to have a Youth Council in Shelby County? (50-300 words)

Essay Question 2:
Tell us about an issue you’re passionate about changing in your community and why. How would you work to address this challenge as a member of the SCYC? (50-300 words)

Essay Question 3:
What unique skills and talents would you contribute to the SCYC? (50-300 words)

Once your application is submitted, it will be processed and reviewed. Selection for the SCYC will also include an in-person interview process. You will be contacted via email if selected for an interview.

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