Mission Educating Memphis on violence that affects young people within our community while creating a safe space for survivors. As students who see and experience exclusivity in our classrooms, we encourage educators to implement inclusive practices that center youth voices throughout our schools. To raise awareness of and accessibility to mental health resources for youth. Through this we aspire to end stigma around mental and emotional wellbeing and end the generational cycle of mental health issues.
Vision To identify the root cause of why certain violence happens in our community in order to create curriculums to address the root causes. We want to create spaces across our community in which ALL students are respected and their identities are acknowledged. We want to see schools and school boards foster a sense of inclusivity by adopting policies at the local and state level that represent who we are as students. We want schools to value the voice of young people and center these voices in spaces of power. To increase youth access to mental health services and resources through school, local and state-level policy advocacy to foster a more supportive community environment.
Current Goals:
  • Partner with the CVRCC (Crime Victims and Rape Crisis Center) to put on Why Sexual Harassment Happens in Our Schools Summit
  • Write a report to support this work that will be used to advocate for policy revisions and the sex ed curriculum
  • Goal 1: By the end of the semester, the cohort will have determined what the future work of the education cohort should look like by reviewing all previous CHANGE work regarding education and gathering any missing information..
  • Goal 2: To learn about what other education work is going on within and outside of our community and determine if CHANGE should plug into work already being done.
  • Goal 3: Determine the direction of the cohort, by clearly identifying what it would look like for schools to be inclusive of ALL students with youth voice centered in schools
  • Goal 1: Establish peer counseling chapters in one or more local schools.
  • Goal 2: Advocate for excused absences at the state level
  • Goal 3: Research and advocate for practices and policies that promote the destigmatization of mental health for youth, especially in schools.