The Educational Justice cohort of Bridge Builders CHANGE, better known as EDJ, comprises seven youth organizers and one adult ally who organize and advocate for restorative justice policies in Memphis-area schools.

“Our passion to address injustice in education starts with us, our stories, who we are, what we have become and the experiences that have affected us. These stories include personal experiences of receiving unreasonable disciplinary actions, being talked down to by teachers, and seeing the way negative school culture and racial bias inhibit education. Our goal is to change the imperfections of the school system by changing policies, informing the public, and decreasing the number of people suspended. We believe knowledge is power: When a child is not in school, how can that child be learning what is needed to be able to effectively grow to become something? Change is needed, and youth and communities must work together. We will not sit by, but we will work, wait, and willingly pursue a lowered suspension rate and a well established restorative justice program in local schools.”

2017-18 Educational Justice CHANGE Fellows
Channing Cross, 12th grade, Soulsville Charter School
Janiya Douglas, 12th grade, White Station High School
Allie Hardy, 12th grade, Collegiate High School
Jeffrey Higgins III, 12th grade, East High School
Hali Smith, 12th grade, Central High School
Nya Walton, 11th grade, Whitehaven High School
Alec Watson, 12th grade, Horn Lake High School

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Want to learn more? Check out EDJ’s strategic plan for 2017-18.