The Gender and Sexuality cohort of Bridge Builders CHANGE, better known as GAS, includes nine youth organizers and one adult ally working to end the bullying of the LGBTQ+ in our community by providing safe, brave and educated spaces.

“Bullying in schools is a major roadblock in improving relationships and respect for the LGBTQ+ community. Multiple surveys by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) in 2007 showed that 82% of youth respondents had problems during the previous school year with bullying because of sexual orientation. They also found that 44% felt unsafe due to gender identification, 32% did not attend school at least one day because of feeling unsafe, 44% experienced physical harassment, and 22% experienced strong violence. But the most striking statistic is that 61% of the youth who experienced this trauma never reported it. We must fight everyday to provide support needed in mental health for our youth and to change how youth are treated daily.”

2017-18 Gender and Sexuality CHANGE Fellows
Celia Kaplan, 12th grade, St. Benedict at Auburndale High School
Natalya Johnson, 10th grade, Hollis F. Price High School
Miracle Lee, 12th grade, Whitehaven High School
Madeline Mosersmith, 10th grade, Central High School
Alexandria Pigram, 12th grade, Bolton High School
Journi Prewitt, 12th grade, Power Center Academy High School
Caitlin Robinson, 11th grade, Hutchison School
Trinity Walker, 12th grade, Overton High School
Gregory Greer, 12th Grade, Central High School

You can support the work of the GAS Fellows by:
  • Following them on Instagram and Twitter
  • Attending GAS events throughout the year
  • Sharing their mission and goals with youth and across various communities
  • Donating to BRIDGES to support youth-led social change work

Want to learn more? Check out GAS’ strategic plan for 2017-18.