CHANGE is Bridge Builders at its most intense—it takes a small number of highly engaged, dedicated youth in 8th-12th grades and provides them the opportunity to become leaders who advance social justice through community organizing. Through a program starting in late July and ending in mid-May, CHANGE youth actively lead a year-long community action project around the issue(s) of their choice.

2015-2016 Bridge Builders CHANGE

2015-2016 Bridge Builders CHANGE

CHANGE Fellows participate in Bridge Builders COLLABORATE summer conferences and additional summer training. During the academic year, CHANGE youth complete a paid fellowship of six to nine hours per week, during which they design and implement their own community action projects.

During the project, CHANGE participants conduct research in order to develop a vision for community improvement. They organize other youth to promote diversity appreciation and equal rights for all. They design, lead and evaluate a community-wide campaigns to advance justice in Memphis. You’ll receive intensive and ongoing training in leadership development, participatory action research and community organizing.

Bridge Builders CHANGE is open to any student, grades 8-12 (minimum age of 14) currently enrolled and on track to complete Bridge Builders COLLABORATE.

CHANGE Level Applications

  • BRIDGES recognizes that youth have diverse identities, and we are committed to creating a safe space where everyone can work. Please tell us what your gender pronouns are. (He/him/his, She/her/hers, They/them, etc.)
  • Our CHANGE Fellowship opportunities are for youth who have already completed a full year of youth leadership training with Bridge Builders COLLABORATE. Go to
  • CHANGE meets every Tuesday and Thursday at BRIDGES USA from 4:30-7:30pm. If the applicant does become a CHANGE Fellow their attendance is required during this time. Please consider your current obligations as you are taking the time to apply and if your schedule will allow you to be present at CHANGE.
  • Where will you be attending during the 2023-2024 school year?
  • Below is a description of the work we have done in committees this past year. Please take a look at the link below so you understand the type of work you might be doing. Next Semester's committee may look different because of the changing needs within our community and the issues affecting youth. Please visit the following site to see their work
  • In Bridge Builders CHANGE we divide into committees to work on creating change around issues.