2018-19 Bridge Builders Leadership Council

Dominic Brown, 10th grade, Magnolia Heights
Joshua Brown, 12th grade, Germantown
Tori Eddie, 10th grade, White Station
Jana Elabiad, 9th grade, Pleasant View
Tierney Macon, 10th grade, Overton
Sloan Miles, 12th grade, Memphis University School
Nena Parker, 12th grade, Millington Central
Grace Porter, 10th grade, St. Benedict at Auburndale
Jada Powell, 12th grade, Ridgeway
Safa Rudgley, 12th grade, Hollis F. Price
Ariana Sulia, 11th grade, Bartlett
Navy Smith, 12th grade, White Station
Emille Taylor, 12th grade, White Station
Devesh Tupkar, 11th grade, Houston
Kaitlyn Vennery, 12th grade, Memphis Virtual School
Antonio Villareal, 10th grade, White Station
Bridget Weldon, 12th grade, St. Agnes Academy
Nicholas Winkler, 12th grade, Bartlett

About BBLC

The Bridge Builders Leadership Council is a group of dedicated, hardworking, and creative youth leaders who make change in the Greater Memphis community.

The Bridge Builders Leadership Council is a group of COLLABORATE level Bridge Builders from 7th-12th grade. COLLABORATE students have the opportunity to apply for a seat on the council. Members of the Bridge Builders Leadership Council work with BRIDGES staff, community leaders, and other youth to gather information, educate others, build commitment, promote BRIDGES, and serve as a youth voice on key issues. Members work as both student ambassadors and event planners. Every year, Leadership Council members are responsible for:

    • Public speaking: serve as a student ambassador at BRIDGES, your school, and community events
    • Student recruitment: create and implement recruitment strategies for your school
    • Social media guru: develop marketing and social media tactics that help us reach more students
    • Facilitate: work monthly trainings with other Bridge Builders
    • Curriculum development: plan and facilitate conversations on “hot topics”
    • Meeting for at least six hours every month

Our 2018-19 Bridge Builders Leadership Council has already been selected. If you’re interested in applying, please check back again next summer!